The Language & Catechetical Institute (LCI) is a one-year Catholic education and formation program for young people from the former and current Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and China. LCI forms disciples for the New Evangelization through foundational instruction in Catholic theology and the English language, as well as personal and spiritual formation.

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Looking for the Light


In a recent conversation with one of our LCI students, Tim from China, I had the opportunity to appreciate how someone who does not grow up with the faith, as I did and virtually all of us in the West did, longs to find it. (Actually, here in the West we are more accustomed to seeing people reject the faith and walk away from the Church.) Imagine growing up never having the opportunity to go to church, or Sunday school, or learn how to pray or even what prayer is. Read More» 

Russia in LCI News


Kate and Caroline

Headline news this year has often been on the topic of Russia and what is happening there with the economy, politics, and foreign affairs. Well, there is also other news which I would like to share with you about what is happening in that country, the world’s largest, involving LCI graduates, evangelization, and expressions of Church unity.

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Student Profiles



John was born in Shanxi, China to a Christian family. Both his great-uncle and uncle are Catholic priests, and his grandfather was a teacher of the Faith for their community. Though his early youth was surrounded by a life of Faith, it wasn't until 2005 that Johnhad a special experience that converted his heart in a deep, personal way. Read More »