The Language & Catechetical Institute (LCI) is a one-year Catholic education and formation program for young people from the former and current Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and China. LCI forms disciples for the New Evangelization through foundational instruction in Catholic theology and the English language, as well as personal and spiritual formation.

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The Power of Beauty: LCI Art Exhibition


It has been said that “beauty is the face of truth.” When all the arguments of reason fail, beauty never fails to attract. It is a common meeting point, the common home, of the human race. It has the power to lift our minds to the transcendent, the other-worldly, and therefore ennoble and inspire our day-to-day lives. It helps us perceive more clearly the truth about reality, and to distill the essential elements of life.  This is in part why art has been so essential to culture…  Read More»

Urgency of the Message


urgentIn a certain translation of the Gospel of Mark, in chapter one, the word “immediate” (or “immediately”) appears nine times! Nine times in one chapter. This word presses a sense of urgency, excitement, anticipation. Of what? Mark 1 begins with the story of the first evangelizer, the first public witness to Christ: John the Baptist. “Behold the Lamb of God!” this voice from the wilderness cries.  With this proclamation, this forerunner, Christ begins His public ministry (beginning with His Baptism by John) and works many great miracles, healing and casting out demons.  Read More»

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Student Profiles


When Artur Bubnevich left LCI, he knew he wanted to help rebuild the Church in his homeland. What he didn’t know was that he would be doing that literally. Over the past six years, as special projects coordinator for the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo in Ukraine, Artur has singlehandedly overseen the construction of nearly 160 parishes and 25 parish houses.  Read More »