The Language and Catechetical Institute is a one-year Catholic education and formation program for young people from the former and current Communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and China. LCI is forming disciples for the New Evangelization through foundational instruction in Catholic theology and the English language, as well as personal and spiritual formation.

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Being an LCI Teacher & Co-Director of Formation, I have one of the most incredible, adventurous, demanding, humbling, romantic, fulfilling, and challenging jobs in the world: I get to be the one who spends her life setting up all of the right conditions for a person to have a lived encounter with the person of Jesus Christ. My role here is all about setting up situations and lived experiences of what it means to be Catholic; it is a journeying-with students for one year, walking with them wherever they are at, and hopefully coming to see more clearly the truth about ourselves and the world we live in. And the best part?   Read More»

Christian Unity


LCI students in MariazellWhat does a Chinese priest, an Indian layman, a Ukrainian professional, a Hungarian college kid, a Lithuanian theologian, and a Russian research scientist all have in common? That was the question at the heart of our life together at LCI in Gaming, this 2013-2014 academic year. Ten students strong, and each one from such diverse fields of study, backgrounds, cultures, habits, etc. All gathered in one location for the dual purpose of learning English and formation in the Catholic Faith.  Read More»

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Katya was baptized three years ago in the Catholic Church and she has great desire to know more of the Church's teaching, and to become a praying, faithful Christian. She is grateful for the experience of being around other young Catholics in Gaming, which helps her own faith deeper and grow.
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